Live far away? No problem!

We can work together………no matter how far away you are!

Here is how E-Design works…

E- Design is a virtual option the ATN offers to clients near or far.  This design is based on YOUR wants and needs. We provide you with the custom design plan and the shopping list for your specific budget. 

  • It’s easy and fun!-  Once you decide this is the plan for you, we will correspond via email. You will send ATN dimensions and pictures of your space! That’s it!  You don’t have to make an appointment, you don’t have to be home at a certain time and you don’t have to clean your home for anyone to see.
  • NO time constraints-  Once the design is in your hands, you can take as much or little time as you want to put the plan into place. You work at your own pace whether it takes you 1 week or a year. You are the one in control!
  • It’s affordable! –  You are only paying ATN to create the design. You are the one that gets to put it all together at your own pace. Many people think that working with a designer is costly, but we can actually save you money!  You will be working with a professional Interior Designer who will  create a design specific to you and work within your budget.  Saving you time and money! NO costly mistakes.